Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester

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Product Description

Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester

Lutron FR-5105 is used to measure the hardness of most kind fruits such as apple, pear, strawberry, grape, large/hard fruits, small/soft fruits. It is suitable for the fruit scientific research department, fruit company, fruit farm, agriculture colleges and universities to improve the fruit quality, the harvest storage, the product transportation by the fruits’ hardness. The useful tester to judge fruit’s mature degree.

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Features Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester : 

  • Max. capacity : 5000 gf x 1 gf
  • Unit : g/oz/Newton.
  • Range of 0 to 1 Kg ( Appropriate for fruits such as grapes or cherries…. ), with the 6 mm diameter sensor
  • Range of 0 to 5 Kg ( Appropriate for fruits such as plums, lemons and other medium hard fruits…. ), with the 6 mm diameter sensor ( FRTP-6 ) or the 8 mm diameter sensor diameter sensor ( FRTP-8 ).

Specification Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester :

Principal The hardness of Fruit can express by the unit area ( S ) could undertake the pressure of dynamometer ( N) , their specific value is just as the hardness ( P ).
P = N / S
P = Hardness value of fruit ( Kg/cm^2 )
N = Pressure of dynamometer ( N, Kg, LB )
S = Area of pressure ( m^2, cm^2 )

Measure capacity 5,000 g/176.40 oz/49.03 Newton.

Accessories included : 
Operating manual 1 PC.
11 mm Penetrometer Tip, FRTP-11 1 PC.
8 mm Penetrometer Tip, FRTP-8 1 PC.
6 mm Penetrometer Tip, FRTP-6 1 PC.
3 mm Penetrometer Tip, FRTP-3 .1 PC.
Carrying Case 1 PC

Optional Accessories : 
Batere AA(1.5 Volt ) 6x
Test stand, Model : FS-1001
USB cable, Model : USB-01.
SD card data recorder, DL-9602SD.
Data Acquisition Software, Model : SW-U801-WIN.

Download :

Datasheet Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester


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