Sanxin YD300 Water Hardness Tester

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Product Description

Sanxin YD300 Water Hardness Tester

Water hardness is the content of certain minerals in water. Generally calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions are in the form of carbonate salts.
Hardness is an indication of the ability of water to form foam when mixed with soap.
In water with low hardness, water will form foam when mixed with soap.
Medium in high hardness water will not form foam.
Hard water or hard water is water that has a high mineral content, while soft water is water with a low mineral content.
In addition to calcium and magnesium ions, the cause of hardness can also be other metal ions as well as bicarbonate and sulfate salts.
The simplest method for determining water hardness is with soap. In soft water, soap will produce a lot of foam. In hard water, the soap will not lather or produce very little lather. A more complex way is through titration.
Total water hardness is expressed in units of ppm weight per volume (w/v) of CaCO3.

Water hardness is divided into two types, namely:
1. General hardness
General hardness or “General Hardness” is a measure that shows the amount of calcium ions (Ca2+) and magnesium ions (Mg2+) in water. Other ions actually also influence the GH value, but the effect is known to be very small and relatively difficult to measure so that it is ignored.
GH is generally expressed in ppm (parts per million) of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), hardness (dH), or by using the molar concentration of CaCO3. One unit of German hardness or dH is equal to 10 mg CaO (calcium oxide) per liter of water. In America, hardness is generally used in ppm CaCO3, so one German unit (dH) can be expressed as 17.8 ppm CacO3. While the unit of molar concentration of 1 milli equivalent = 2.8 dH = 50 ppm.

2. Carbonate Hardness
Carbonate hardness or KH is a quantity that indicates the content of bicarbonate (HCO3-) and carbonate (CO3–) ions in water. In a freshwater aquarium, at a neutral pH range, bicarbonate ions are predominant, whereas in marine aquariums, carbonate ions play a greater role.

In addition, other types of hardness are as follows:
1. Temporary hardness is hardness caused by the presence of bicarbonate salts, such as Ca(HCO3)2, Mg(HCO3)2.

2. Fixed hardness is the hardness caused by the presence of chloride, sulfate and carbonate salts, for example CaSO4, MgSO4, CaCl2, MgCl2.

Factors Affecting Hardness
The factors that affect hardness are as follows:

  • The content of calcium ions,
  • The content of magnesium ions,
  • The content of bicarbonate salts,
  • The content of carbonate salts,
  • The content of chloride salts,
  • The content of sulfate salts,
  • and other metal ions.

Spesifikasi Sanxin YD300 Water Hardness Tester

  • Measuring Range:
    • 0~10mmol/L; 0~401mg/L (Ca); 0~1000mg/L (CaCO3); 0~100ºfH (France Degree); 0~561mg/L (CaO); 0~56ºdH (German Degree); 0~20mmol/L (Boiler); 0~70ºeH (England Degree)
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 60.0 ℃
  • Resolution: Hardness: 0.01/0.1; Temp: 0.1℃
  • Accuracy: Hardness: ±5% FS; Temp: ±0.5 ℃
  • ATC: 5 ~ 50℃
  • Data Memory: 99 group
  • Buffer: B1: 2.00×10-2 mmol/L
  • B2: 2.00×10-1 mmol/L
  • B3: 2.00 mmol/L
  • Water Hardness
    Measuring range
    (0 ~ 10)mmol/L;(0 ~ 401)mg/L(Ca)
    (0 ~ 1000)mg/L(CaCO3)
    (0 ~ 100)ºfH(France Degree)
    (0 ~ 561)mg/L(CaO)
    (0 ~ 56)ºdH(German Degree)
    (0 ~ 20)mmol/L(Boiler)
    (0 ~ 70)ºeH (England Degree)
    0.01 and 0.1 water hardness units
    ±5% FS
    Temp. compensation
    (5 ~ 50)℃((automatic))
    Calibration Solution
    B1 Calibration Solution — 2.00×10-2 mmol/L
    B2 Calibration Solution — 2.00×10-1 mmol/L
    B3 Calibration Solution — 2.00 mmol/L

    (B3Calibration Solution also can be used for the soaking solution of electrode)

    Calibration Mode
    (a)B1/B2 Calibration—using B1 and B2 Calibration Solution,suitable for < 2.00×10-2 mmol/L low concentration water quality,for example, boiler
    (b)Calibration—using B2 and B3 Calibration Solution,suitable forgeneral water quality.
    Measuring range
    0 ~ 60℃
    Other Technical Parameter
    Data storage
    Content Storage



    Dimension and weight


    Quality & safecertificate

    99 groups
    serial number of measuring value, measuring value, units, temperature, ATC or MTC, date, time and calibration way.

    Two AA cells(1.5V×2)


    Carry Case: (255×210×50)mm/790g

    IISO9001:2000 and CE

    working conditions
    Ambient temperature
    ambient humidity


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